Welcome to ‘Once Upon the Way’

Hello and welcome to Once Upon the Way.

The goal of this blog is simply discipleship, the constant journey of deliberately stepping into the story of Jesus upon the way of his words in how we live our lives.  A frequent challenge to following Jesus is the tendency for discipleship to be reduced either to an abstract series of principles for us to adhere to or concepts we select for our own convenience or preference rather than following the Holy One in his holy way.  Principles are predictable and concepts are controllable, but Jesus is neither.  We cannot be disciples of one we can control.

Discipleship is most comprehensively experienced, explained, and understood within the framework of story as the holy personhood of Jesus is cultivated into our character through the continuous flow of obedience to his words from one moment to the next.  My hope is this site will serve as a resource in following Jesus, whose own storied steps shape the holy way upon which we are shepherded into his salvation, his glory transforming our story.

As an initial project, I will be studying and writing through a Scriptural text that will help narrate and navigate our steps upon the way of Jesus.  The Book of Matthew is a discipleship-rich narrative vibrantly alive with the redemptive reality and communal culture of God’s Kingdom, explicitly embodied in the person, words, and actions of King Jesus.  As I compose and post as often as I can, as well as other related pieces, I hope each post will be free of platitude and full of the substance which connects us to the everyday earthy details through which Jesus himself walked and fleshed out his holy character.  I invite you to subscribe, visit and read at your leisure, interact, or ask for prayer.

Discipleship is the high honor of living in the company of Jesus.  As we respond together to his holy harkening of “Follow Me”, may we explore and embody the way Jesus walked, conform to his holy character, and share in the blessedness of the King’s current and coming Kingdom.  Lord willing, I will see you upon the way.

Grace and peace to you.

Jon Robinson


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