Manifest Hero

A father is not
Just a guy with some kids
But a man who bestows
The know-how to live
He’s generous with time,
He serves in his strength,
Through the wisdom he wields
We’ll grow to have what it takes
He gives us the courage to
Be bold and be strong
To pursue what is right
And abstain from what’s wrong
When the storm clouds are gathered
He is first into the fray
Giving light to our night
While guiding our way
When our hearts are downcast
And can no longer cope
He’s the manifest hero
Who exemplifies hope

A father is not
A guy who’s just there
But a man whose presence
Fills the spaces laid bare
In his hands there is healing
In his heart there’s resolve
He brings mercy and grace
To the sins he absolves
He facilitates peace
With the calm of his head
And the temperance he keeps
Leaves no room for dread
With a patience that’s gentle
And a might that is kind
His demeanor is what we hope
The world will soon find

So as we listen for the beat
Of our father’s steady heart
Knowing its rhythms will
Show ours where to start
May this man for all seasons
Who looms large in our minds
Make us manifest heroes
To love those in our lives


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